Illegal Migrant Crossings

Photo of Ben Bradley in the House of Commons ChamberThank you for getting in touch about Illegal Migrant Crossings.

From the outset, I would like to make it clear that nobody should be allowed to enter the UK in this way. The Prime Minister and Home Secretary want to stop these crossings and make it impossible for them to happen. This is something that I fully support and have been urging the Government to do.
After 31st December we’ll no longer be bound by the EU’s Dublin Regulations and we can change the nature of our agreements on ‘returns’ of illegal migrants, rather than being bound by EU rules. The Home Secretary has been in Dover recently and has already called in the Navy and RAF to support Border Forces, which is the start of the serious action I have been calling for.
I have also been assured that the Immigration Minister is going to raise this directly with the French Government. Let’s remember that France is a safe country and these people are not fleeing persecution in France. Indeed, they will have travelled through a number of safe countries before arriving in France. Any claim for asylum should be made in the first safe country, not the last.
These crossings have been a huge concern locally, and I have consistently said that we need to put a stop to these crossings immediately. Please be assured that I will continue to push for more action until it’s properly dealt with.