Improving our Education offer

As a former member of the Education Select Committee Education has been a major priority, including scrutiny and making formal recommendations through the Committee on issues like school funding and special educational needs (SEND). Improving standards and opportunities for local people is vital. 


My Podcast about White Working Class Boys

Recently I recorded a podcast about white working class boys. With The Institute of Economic Affairs, I discussed the educational challenges faced by disadvantaged children in 'left behind 'towns, and particularly the worrying statistics surrounding white working class boys' attainment.

£320 million for Primary School PE

Great to see confirmation of the PE Premium to support primary schools next year, including a commitment to an hour of sport and activity per day.

£1bn Catch Up Fund

Another fantastic initiative from Government has been announced this week. 

A huge £1bn "catch up fund" to both target tutoring at two million of the most "left behind kids" and for schools to use in the way they see fit to support students with the impact of coronavirus. 

Article: Young men are being ignored and left behind

After the 2008 economic crash and huge spikes in unemployment, the number of young men committing suicide sky-rocketed. We can't ignore men's issues or let them be shouted down, even in normal times, but on the edge of another economic crash it's more important now than ever!

Grants for School Breakfast Clubs

Kellogg’s has been in touch with me to let me know that they’ve extended their breakfast club support to all schools that are remaining open – regardless of their location or percentage of pupils accessing pupil premium.

Supporting school leavers

It's going to be a challenging time for 2020 school leavers to find a job without our help.