Jobs and skills for the future

Working with education providers and business to make sure that there is a clear route into rewarding careers for young people in Mansfield, and that we are attracting new, well paid jobs.


A level and BTEC Results day

This week is an exciting, but stressful time for a lot of our young people who will be getting their BTEC results on Wednesday and A level results on Thursday.

Levelling up

It’s been just over a year since Boris became our Prime Minister and stood on the steps of Downing Street setting out his vision for uniting and levelling up the Country.

Fighting for white working class boys

Last week I raised the plight of one of the most disadvantaged groups in our society. All the data shows that white boys from working class backgrounds have some of the poorest life chances, but it still seems like a bit of an unfashionable cause to fight for these lads.

Making Further Education Central to our Education System

Following this excellent speech this morning by Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, where he laid out welcome plans to make Further Education and our colleges central to our education system, I'm delighted to have been asked to become an FE Ambassador by the FE Minister Gillian Keegan.

Great Opportunities at West Notts College

Great conversation at Vision West Notts College on Friday where the new Principal is having such a positive impact, and things are being refocused on the needs of our community.

10-year government rebuilding programme set to support schools in England

Fifty new school construction projects across the ‘red wall’ areas of the Midlands and the North (of which Mansfield is a prime example)! Great news. I’ll be chasing the Department for Education to get the details and try to make sure we’re on the final list when it’s announced in September.

£1bn Catch Up Fund

Another fantastic initiative from Government has been announced this week. 

A huge £1bn "catch up fund" to both target tutoring at two million of the most "left behind kids" and for schools to use in the way they see fit to support students with the impact of coronavirus.