Securing Funds for key priorities

We need to make sure we get out fair share of funding and investment if we're to truly 'level up' and improve things for local people. That means banging on the doors of Ministers and making sure we have the best possible bids for key projects and services. 

As County Council Leader, it's a huge opportunity to join together local priorities with national funding and opportunities. Over the last few years we've secured hundreds of millions of additional  investment on top of the usual funds and services, for things like town centre improvements, environmental measures, new road and rail investment, homelessness services and more...


Government has made very clear in its Levelling Up White Paper (Feb22) that it intends to pass additional money to local areas through devolution - handing powers down from Government to local leaders. Ben has ensured that Nottinghamshire will be one of the first areas to benefit from these new devolved powers and funds, and is beginning negotiations with Government,