Mansfield Mayor Survey

  • Current Mansfield District Council
  • Effectiveness of the Mayor
  • Voting Intention
  • Your details
Background Information
This May Mansfield residents will be voting in local elections for Mansfield District Council, which is currently run by Labour’s local Mayor. Mansfield has had an Executive Mayor since 2002, who is in charge of delivering Mansfield District Council services instead of the normal ‘Leader’ of the Council. The salary of the Mayor is more than double what most District Council Leaders are paid, but despite the extra pay and the title, Mansfield’s Mayor has no additional powers or funding compared to a Leader.
1) Do you think that Mansfield District Council has improved since it moved to having a Mayor in 2002?
2) Part of the rationale for having a Mayor is that directly electing someone is more open and transparent. Do you feel MDC has been more open and transparent since 2002?