My Plan

These are some of my key priorities in Mansfield since I was elected in 2017. Click the links below to see related news items about the progress we're making.

  • Jobs and skills for the future

    Working with education providers and business to make sure that there is a clear route into rewarding careers for young people in Mansfield, and that we are attracting new, well paid jobs.

  • Better transport infrastructure

    Lobbying Government and the County Council to invest in road and rail to improve our connections, including the Robin Hood line, the A60 and the A617.

  • Securing Funds for key priorities

    We need to make sure we get out fair share of funding and investment if we're to truly 'level up' and improve things for local people. That means banging on the doors of Ministers and making sure we have the best possible bids for key projects and services. 

  • A better plan for homelessness

    Improving the funding and coordination of homelessness services, getting people off the streets, and removing the blight of Mamba and Spice from our town.

  • Rebuilding after the Coronavirus pandemic

    COVID 19 has presented our country with huge challenges, with Mansfield - along with the rest of the country - will need support to be able to rebuild. Effective recovery is going to be at the heart of the agenda in the coming years and I will do everything I can to drive that recovery, securing

  • Improving our Education offer

    As a former member of the Education Select Committee Education has been a major priority, including scrutiny and making formal recommendations through the Committee on issues like school funding and special educational needs (SEND).