19th March - Coronavirus update

An optimistic press conference today as the Prime Minister believes the tide can be turned in 12 weeks. Key points:

We're making big progress on testing and medical responses, including developing new, faster tests to roll out and putting the first patient on to drug trials related to fighting the virus.

A list of 'key workers' and advice on school plans for next week is due to be released very shortly.

Scientific Advisors urged everyone to take more care in complying with the advice on isolation and social distancing. If we can't voluntarily comply in order to protect ourselves and our communities then stricter measures will have to be enforced. The NHS are asking people to #StaySafeStayHome.

The PM asks that people be considerate in their shopping and stressed that there is no need for bulk or panic buying, and asked that we all consider the needs of others and of vulnerable people, which we know the majority are doing.

Tomorrow, the Chancellor will announced further measures to support people with their incomes and to support employers to pay wages. The PM urged businesses to please wait wherever possible for those measures before laying off staff.