Campaign Success!

After constantly urging Government to support white working class boys, who on average consistently underperform against girls and boys of all other races, I'm delighted that the Prime Minister's new Commission on Race Equality will look at the plight of white working class boys. 

I've made levelling up communities like ours a priority since being elected. A huge part of this has involved work on ensuring white working class boys receive the support they need to close the gap in educational attainment which currently exists. 

You may remember that I held a Westminster Hall debate on the Education and Attainment of White Working Class Boys. During which, I highlighted the fact that by age five, white boys from disadvantaged backgrounds are already 13% behind disadvantaged black boys and 23% behind disadvantaged Asian girls in their phonics. Additionally, only around a third of white working class boys pass their maths and English GCSEs and disadvantaged white working class boys are 40% less likely to go into higher education than disadvantaged black boys. 

I am so pleased that the Prime Minister is taking up this challenge to support white working class boys and ensure our communities are levelled up. 

These disadvantaged kids are so often left under the radar and not discussed - it's viewed as a taboo topic and has been brushed under the carpet by society. I made it a priority to raise this in Parliament at the start of the year as this is an issue that I've discussed with Ministerial colleagues as part of my work on the Education Select Committee. 

I've been in touch with the Prime Minister to thank him for including why working class white boys fall behind in school as part of his commission on racial equality, and I look forward to contributing in any way that I can.