Clarification about Schools

Just to be clear about a lot of scaremongering regarding schools that's out there today:

The Government SAGE Scientific Committee have NOT said it's not safe to go back to school. It's a left wing campaign group calling itself 'Independent SAGE' that has said it, with the aim of confusing and scaring people. I wanted to make this clear as I don't feel enough is being done in the media to make the distinction between the two!

Also today, the NEU Teaching Union has said that Government has changed their advice on opening schools 41 times in a week. This is also not true. The 'Actions To Prepare For Wider Opening' guidance that they quote from in their social media posts about this has been updated just once.

Really frustrating that these activists seem intent on trying to make getting our kids back to school as difficult as possible, making life harder for teachers, parents and kids!!