It's an uncertain time for many people and my office has been understandably inundated with messages and calls. Here's some basic tips on how to best get in touch and to find the answers you need, and a two minute video explanation 👇

Please do try and find out the basic for yourself before you get in touch. Try - - - - - where you'll find probably 95% of the answers to questions that people are asking me. My site has an FAQs section too. We're getting thousands of contacts a day and we need to be able to focus on those who really need help, so please do take the time to have a look for yourself before getting in touch.

If you can't find the answers there you can call 01623 372016 or email - unfortunately due to the social distancing advice we're no longer seeing people face to face at the office.

You can also send me a direct message via my Facebook page or post thoughts and questions in my constituents-only group Ben Bradley's Mansfield constituents - again please do read the advice pages above before asking questions. Most of the information is available for you to Google and if you can do that or frees up the capacity for my team to help those who really need it!

Thank you!!