Coronavirus Q&A

I held another Q&A on my Mansfield Constituents Group this week to answer the following questions from constituents:  

1:23 – What are the local statistics in terms of coronavirus?

5:10 – With China now coming out of lockdown, what does that mean and will we have immigration controls to prevent people from there coming here?

6:08 – Can I let tradesman into my house?

8:22 – Testing for coronavirus

9:12 – NHS debt

11:27 – What support is available?

16:28 – Will the grants be repayable in the future?

19:34 – What is happening regarding nonessential selling on local sites?

20:15 – When will I receive my business grant?

20:52 – Do you have the figures for care homes and community deaths for this area?

21:26 – Will the government release better/more informative fatality and recovery rates?