Coronavirus Q&A

I held a Coronavirus Q&A on my Mansfield Constituents Group to answer the questions below: 

0:45 – what help is there for families who are self-isolating long-term due to illness or other vulnerabilities?
2:54 – why are public sector staff on full pay whilst others are suffering financial losses?
4:44 – public sector pay
6:30 – will there be more support for businesses and the self-employed when this is over?
7:38 – when will the current measures be reviewed?
8:54 – can we strengthen the rules surrounding shops?
10:44 – how do we enforce social distancing rules and what powers do the police have to do that?
12:18 – support for victims of domestic violence
13:40 – the consultation about removing NHS beds
14:29 – foreign travel advice/why aren’t airports shutting down?
16:18 – will this chance the country and the Government’s long-term plans?