Coronavirus Update: Childcare

The Prime Minister has said in his statement today that the Education Secretary will lay out more details on exactly what childcare might become available over the next few days, but here's what we know already:

Paid childcare like nannies or childminders can be used, subject to them being able to comply with the guidelines laid out in the detailed Government guidance (which can be found on page 49 of this document.)

It specifically says nannies or childminders, ie people who could have one child in their care, rather than nurseries that have lots.

The Prime Minister has said in his statement that prior to further measures and support being introduced, workers should consider that not having sufficient childcare is a genuine reason why they cannot yet return to work and employers should be reasonable about supporting staff members who have this problem - ie this is a very legitimate reason to not go back to work yet!

We're still waiting for more guidance about what will happen and when with regards to childcare and I'll update you further as soon as I know...