Coronavirus Update: Housing Market

Today we are announcing a comprehensive plan to restart, reopen and renew the housing market - safely.

You are now free again to move home whenever you wish. This unblocks 450,000 transactions that were paused due to #COVID19

From today:

🔹Physical viewings of properties can resume
🔹Estate agents offices and show homes can reopen
🔹Removal companies can get moving again
🔹All related journeys are “necessary journeys”, although we encourage virtual viewings where possible.

For each aspect of the process we are publishing detailed guidance setting out how to work and visit properties safely - in accordance with social distancing.

Protecting the public, controlling the virus and saving lives is our priority. It’s right that we prioritise enabling people to move home. Our plan allows people to move forwards.

And the industry’s health is inextricably linked to our economy. Our plan will help protect the livelihoods of the 2.3m people in the housing and construction industry.