Crime and policing during COVID-19

Yesterday, I got in touch with our local Police Inspector to talk about the trends in crime and use of enforcement measures during the COVID-19 lockdown. They're aware of a small number of repeat offenders breaching social distancing rules and are rolling out fines for those people.

Crime has fallen by 25% in recent weeks but I've been asked to relay some advice: Firstly, car theft has gone up and the vast majority of stolen vehicles or vehicle break ins are happening where cars are left unlocked. Please take extra care to ensure you're locking your vehicles, particularly at night.

Second, the local trade in drugs has changed during lockdown as you can imagine, but obviously many people are at home and therefore perhaps able to see things in their street or community that have been missed before. If you have intelligence about drug dealing or manufacture where you live, can I encourage you to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

This would really help Police, with all Crimestoppers reports come to them within 24 hours to be reviewed by the local intelligence team on a daily basis. All reports are placed on the Police systems so they really do count.

Thanks all. Stay safe. (FYI - the picture is old, we didn't meet face to face!)