Dominic Cummings

I would urge anyone who has not watched Dom Cummings' statement to do so before they make judgement - watch here.

I was sceptical about the whole thing, but on hearing his account I have concluded that he acted reasonably.

He's gone so far as to read out the bit of the advice that he felt he was following to look after his child, with the additional pressure of his home being a target for abuse and attack. I wish this statement had come on Friday, and this explanation to avoid the many false stories that have appeared, but it has come now and we should now move on!

I fully understand and appreciate that reports of second trips to Durham and contact with other people have, quite understandably, made people very upset. He's clarified that those things are not true. I think he clarified his other decisions too. Some of them are debatable yes, of course, it's a complex situation and complex advice, but they are not unreasonable.

To be clear I don't know Dom Cummings, I've never met him, but what he has told us today I think is a reasonable judgement based on the circumstances. We take decisions for our kids; those decisions are not always perfect. He's accepted he could have done things differently, but he had to take decisions.

As the press conference comes to a close I now think that the media need to stop trying to vilify him. Endless "shouldn't you resign?" for days is only going to detract from trying to fight this virus, and sap the energies of Government away from trying to get our country moving. They should stop mobbing him at his home, and leave his family alone. Let's all move on.