Entitlements to benefits for Miners Widows

I've made some enquiries following an article in the Nottingham Post Mansfield Live about entitlements to benefits for miners widows. Here's the original article.

The article raised concerns from residents that where 'coronavirus' might be listed as a cause of death rather than a pre-existing industrial lung condition related to mining (which would no doubt have contributed to any coronavirus related death), then widows wouldn't get their entitlements to benefits.

Fortunately I can confirm today that this is not the case and any evidence of mining-related lung conditions will be considered. The Department of Work and Pensions has confirmed the following:

''Any evidence a family can provide that confirms or suggests that the deceased was suffering from a prescribed disease prior to their death would be considered as part of a posthumous claim. This includes claimants who may have died as a result of COVID-19, and no mention of the prescribed disease was on their death certificate.''

You can find the full response from Government here, and I'll be writing directly to anyone who contacted my office about it.