The Facts Surrounding the Fire Safety Bill


This Bill, three years on from the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, seeks to improve the practices of fire risk assessment and prevention, in order to ensure that such a terrible event can never happen again. There's also a Building Regulations Bill alongside it.

Labour put forward an amendment asking Government to accept all of the recommendations from the Phase 1 Report in to the fire, and they're saying that because the Conservatives voted against it, we don't care about the victims. Really sad to see this being used as a political football, when this is what the Minister actually said about the amendment:

James Brokenshire explained in his summing up of the debate that there's an ongoing consultation with stakeholders about the recommendations, that the intention is to implement them all, but that the consultation should be allowed to run its course before that formal decision is taken.

He also said that the specific wording of Labour's amendment was legally problematic, as they could leave the legislation vulnerable to legal challenges further down the line. We obviously have a responsibility to make sure that we make legislation that is legally watertight and does what it is meant to do, avoiding loopholes and challenges.

Thought it was worth just clearing this up. Issues like this shouldn't be a political fight and it's a shame that Labour chose to launch a social media campaign about this last night. We're ALL committed to delivering the changes and protecting residents from tragic events such as Grenfell.