Fighting for white working class boys

Last week I raised the plight of one of the most disadvantaged groups in our society. All the data shows that white boys from working class backgrounds have some of the poorest life chances, but it still seems like a bit of an unfashionable cause to fight for these lads.

These are the same lads that throughout our recent history have fought to defend our country, have toiled underground to keep our lights on and have kept our country working throughout the last century. In modern times though, far more needs to be done to make sure that they can get on in education, can aspire to great things and generally are given the tools to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there.

I fail to see why the Equalities Act doesn't recognise socio-economic status or poverty as one of its 'protected characteristics', whilst 'white' and 'male' are often ignored as the Act is so widely misunderstood and misused.

Last week the front page of The Spectator focused on 'Lost Boys' and further raised the point. If we're truly going to level up our country, we need to improve the opportuntities for white working class kids from towns like Mansfield.

Here's the article in the Speccie: