Government has taken Covid-19 very seriously since day one

There is absolutely no doubt that the unprecedented package of measures and interventions, like nothing this country has ever seen and among the most generous support in the world. As I said in my Chad article, these measures are not the product of a Government who are failing to take coronavirus seriously. 

Yes there are gaps in what's available, absolutely. There are many issues I'm raising with Government and there are still a lot of people who need more help, but the sheer scale of this challenge means that perfection is simply not possible. We're working to fill as many gaps as possible and to support as many people as we can. It will not be perfect.

Far from accusations of 'brushing off' this challenge, as appeared in the press over the weekend, Government Ministers are human beings, with their own fears, families, elderly or vulnerable relatives. the same as the rest of us, and they are doing their absolute best to help us all under huge pressure.