The Government's Response to Coronavirus

I nicked this from my brilliant colleague Chloe Smith MP as it's a really interesting look at some of the work that's been done during this COVID-19 pandemic:

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10 facts regarding the government’s response to this pandemic

1. Treatments: We are the first country in the world to conduct a successful clinical trial in the world for Covid-19 (Dexamethasone).

2. Vaccine: We have two of the world’s leading Covid-19 vaccine programmes in the UK (Imperial and Oxford).

3. Protect the NHS: At no point throughout the crisis did the NHS become overwhelmed despite many predicting it would be.

4. Nightingales: We rapidly expanded NHS capacity by building 6 nightingales hospitals in a matter of weeks, with a 7th later this month.

5. Telemedicine: GP video consultations have been a huge success with 99% of practices now capable of providing video consultations, which we will lock in for the long term to take the pressure of our front line services

6. Immunology: We are the only country in the world running trials to test the level of immunity in humans for Covid-19.

7. Social care: The proportion of care home deaths due to Covid in the UK is around 30% - lower than many other European countries like France (51%) and Sweden (45%)

8. PPE: We’ve delivered over 1.8 billion items of PPE since the start of the crisis, and built domestic Make capacity and supply chains to help meet future demand

9. Testing: We delivered on our target of 100,000 tests a day by the end of April and capacity of 200,000 tests a day by the end of May, building a whole new industry of diagnostics in a matter of weeks in doing so. We’re now testing more than Germany

10. Learning for the future: We are locking in the lessons learned and the challenges we’ve overcome across our health and care system to ensure it is able to deal with future challenges