Holiday Refunds

I know lots of people (including me!) are waiting on refunds from holiday companies at the minute.

In many cases it's simply a case of having a bit of a wait whilst travel companies clear the huge and unprecedented volume of claims, so patience likely to be required I'm afraid.

In the meantime, I have received a letter from the Aviation Minister that lays out your rights as a consumer, and I've included the relevant section in the image below.

In short, despite the current problems, you continue to be eligible for a cash refund if you do not wish to accept new flights or vouchers, and this is policed by the Civil Aviation Authority. Please do bear with the travel companies at the minute as they are having a nightmare for obvious reasons, but rest assured your entitlements have not changed and if - in a few weeks time when their limitations in terms of staffing etc are eased a bit - you are still not able to contact them and get your flights sorted out you can get in touch with me and I'll try to help.

Remember you can also potentially sort refunds through your credit card company, if you paid that way.

You can find more information here about these rights as they have been laid out to airlines:

Consumer rights under Regulation EC 261/2004:• CAA guidance for airlines can be found here

Travel advice: The FCO’s travel notice on COVID-19 can be found here