HS2 update

Pleased that we finally have a decision on HS2 and we can crack on with some certainty! There's nothing worse than never-ending delays

We are giving High Speed Rail the green signal - we are going to get this done. Contrary to a lot of commentary, shorter journey times is only one of the potential benefits:

- A vast increase in capacity, with hundreds of thousands of extra seats.
- Making it so much easier for travellers to move up down our long, narrow country.
- Faster journey times, not just to London but to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and all over the place.
- The key thing for us locally is there is a hub station planned for Chesterfield, giving us great access to the trains, but more importantly also to the jobs and economic growth around the station.

With all that said, it's been mismanaged so far and we need to sort it out to prevent further spiraling costs. We will be appointing a Minister whose full-time job will be to oversee the project and there will be changes to the way HS2 Ltd is managed. We will be interrogating the current costs to identify where savings can be made on Phase 1 without the costs and delays associated with a detailed redesign.

Today we have also announced a £5 billion package of new funding to overhaul bus and cycle links for every region outside London, levelling up connectivity across the whole country. Investing £5 billion to level up local transport connections throughout the country, making every day journeys easier, greener and more convenient. We will invest £5 billion of new funding to overhaul bus and cycle links for every region outside London over the next five years.