Listened to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace's statement on Iran in the House of Commons Chamber just now and pleased to hear a call for de-escalation on all sides, in order to ensure this doesn't become a wider conflict.

The truth of the matter though is that Suleimani clearly was a threat to both US and UK citizens, both in the military and civilians. He has overseen recent attacks by Iran on civilian boats in the region and on the US Embassy to name but a few, as well as being responsible over many years for operations that killed British and American people.

We don't know precisely what intelligence led to this US action. There have been countless anti-US attacks and activities over recent months where the US has not reacted, so tension has clearly been building, but the Defence Secretary was clear that the classified information that he has seen makes him certain that this was an act of self defense on the part of the USA.

The priority now is to urge calm on all sides and to use to diplomatic tools at our disposal to prevent this escalating further, which Government is committed to doing.