Levelling up

It’s been just over a year since Boris became our Prime Minister and stood on the steps of Downing Street setting out his vision for uniting and levelling up the Country. Despite the unprecedented challenges of this year, I am really proud of what we have achieved both nationally and locally, including the amazing result at the General Election in December. 

We’ve kept our promise to get Brexit done and leave the European Union, making sure we listen to the people of Mansfield who voted overwhelmingly to leave. We have also delivered on funding for the NHS, delivering the largest ever cash boost and we have recruited more doctors and nurses, invested in front line services and upgrades to local hospitals and more money for cancer screen machines. There are more police officers, who have been given more powers, protection and equipment to make sure our town and our homes are a safer place to be. There will be a boost to local transport connections, such as the Robin Hood Line, in the year ahead as well as funding to fix 50 million potholes. Sounds like progress to me.

I’ve recently been made a further education ambassador and I am really excited about how this can benefit young people in Mansfield. I am passionate about making sure our children have the best opportunities in life, making sure the colour of their skin or where there from does not determine their success. FE can be a really powerful educational tool to provide skills and education that will help our kids to do well, and I’m pleased we’re going to invest in it, along with delivering more cash for local schools increasing the funding for every child. Every school in Mansfield has benefitted from that and will get a further increase this September.

I have secured funding for tour Town Centre, and have been working closely with our local Councils and stakeholders to make sure we spend it wisely. We have a Future High Streets Fund and a Town Deal, which will benefit the whole of the district and could amount to £50m of investment. I want to make sure we rejuvenate the town centre and attract more people to it, but also allow for opportunities such as funding for a leisure centre in Warsop. The money has to help the whole of our area, not just the town. 

As you can see, we are levelling up the district making sure we deliver on our domestic agenda. I will continue to shout out for Mansfield and Warsop at a local and national level, but I am really enthusiastic that under Boris’ leadership we will see real results. Supporting those communities that have been left behind for many years continues to be at the top of the agenda.