Local Businesses: A Covid Roundtable and Virtual Google Garage

On Friday 3rd July from 10am – 11.30am I'm holding a virtual round table to discuss the challenges facing small businesses in our constituency during this difficult time. Following the round table, Google Digital Garage will run a free 60-minute webinar providing tailored advice on digital marketing.

The Google Digital Garage programme provides free digital skills training to individuals and businesses. The webinar will be held specially for our local businesses to help them adapt to the current crisis and will teach them how to grow their business online. 

I do hope this session will be useful for you or your colleagues and if you are interested in signing up -



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If you are unable to join the session on 3rd July, Google Digital Garage is also running a series of live webinars. These free sessions will run every day, Monday to Friday, covering a selection of courses aimed at helping individuals and small businesses. You can check out g.co/digitalgaragewebinars for more information on these webinars.

Hope to see you there on the 3rd!