Looking forward

I loved the Prime Minister's speech this morning, as he laid out a vision for our future. No more 'B-Word' - that's consigned to the past - and now we can look forward to a bright and independent future. 

A jargon buster for you: The discussion has moved on to the decision between 'regulatory alignment' with the EU and 'equivalence'. Sounds complicated but in reality this just means whether we are following EU rules and regulations, or whether we can have different but equal standards. 

The PM is clear that we want equivalence, to set our own rules and direction. Now we've left the EU, there's no sense in remaining tied to their rules, which would limit our ability to negotiate trade deals with other countries. 

Glad the PM is being strong in this. If we get it right then it's a real opportunity to make great deals that boost business, increase consumer choice and reduce prices in the shops.