Michael Gove pushes for a post-Brexit plan to make Government 'less southern, less middle class'

Ahead of big announcements this week on the recovery plans and Government's future direction, it's been brilliant to see the start of the fight back against the negative culture that has taken over so much of our national discourse and many of our institutions. The Government fight back has begun!!

Michael Gove laid out a new narrative on Sunday, of bringing institutions closer to the people; of making sure that policy in our area is made BY and FOR our area. That means a shake up of our institutions that is long overdue:

"Wouldn’t it be better for those deciding how taxpayers’ money is spent to be living and working alongside those citizens across the country, from Mansfield to Middlesbrough to

Merthyr Tydfil, for whom every pound in tax is a significant inroad into their income? Should we not also be better at recruiting our policymakers from those overlooked and hitherto undervalued communities?"

The answer to his questions of of course, "yes we should!" - We're going to get on with it:  reform of Local Government, reform of our tax system, reform of the way our institutions and services work. To make the big change we need, we have to get back to brass tacks and make fundamental changes of culture and direction.

On Sunday, Gove laid out plans to make Government less Southern and less middle class; more representative of the communities it works for. Priti Patel on Sky this morning made clear she will bring the full force of the law to bear on those who hate our country. The PM in the Sunday papers explained how he will boost investment and get Britain building to support the economic recovery. 

I'm looking forward to hearing more in the week ahead about plans to turbocharge the 'levelling up' of infrastructure and opportunity, and how we're going to break down the status quo and reshape it; for a new start!

Hope: renewed