Ministers must step up and protect our history

Serial-antagonists on the hard-left are only exacerbating racial tensions, whilst yesterday’s scenes of hooligans singing the National Anthem whilst bottling police officers is unpatriotic and appalling.

It’s time for the government to reset the dial and to be strong. ‬‪The police must feel that we are on their side. ‪Ministers must step up and say that our history is ours and we will not tolerate it being torn down. We must ensure that violence is met with the full force of the law.

‪These rioters are seeking to subvert our democratic processes.‬ ‪My constituents in Mansfield expect a Conservative Government to take as strong a stance on law and order today as we did in the 2019 election, ‪otherwise it is not a conservative government at all.

We need a moratorium on the removal of any monuments or statues.‬‪ Nothing should be removed without a full public consultation.‬

The voice of the mob is not the same as the voice of the majority, and a reactionary approach can only do harm.‬

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