A New Approach to Social Mobility

So pleased to hear the Universities Minister call for true social mobility. Its exactly what I've been asking for!! Too many young people have been convinced to head off to university on courses with no obvious career benefit, and have ended up lumbered with the tuition fee repayments for no real reward in terms of employability.

We need to make sure we're supporting the career goals and aspirations of every young person, but that doesn't alway mean university, even for those with great grades.

More focus on the best outcomes for young people and less of the eternal drive to get them through the door of HE institutions. More clear routes and support in to FE and learning on the job. Higher quality HE courses that are driven by great employment outcomes rather than just getting bums on seats.

It sounds brilliant!!

The Minister said:

"For decades we’ve been recruiting too many young people on to courses that do nothing to improve their life chances or help with their career goals.

The 2004 access regime has let down too many young people. Since 2004, there has been too much focus on getting students through the door, and not enough focus on how many drop out, or how many go on to graduate jobs.

Too many have been misled by the expansion of popular sounding courses with no real demand from the labour market.

Quite frankly, our young people have been taken advantage of – particularly those without a family history of going to university. Instead some have been left with the debt of an investment that didn’t pay off in any sense."

She's right!!