Rapid Coronavirus Testing

New Coronavirus testing to be rolled out in time for Winter. 

This winter it's extremely important to take extra measures to slow the spread of the virus. To help with our track and trace system, we will be significantly increasing our testing capacity.


 I am pleased to announce that millions of ground-breaking rapid coronavirus tests will be rolled out to hospitals, care homes and labs. The tests will enable clinicians and NHS Test and Trace to confirm whether a person is infected in just 90 minutes.

Two new tests – both able to detect the virus in just 90 minutes – will be made available. The 2 tests will be able to detect both COVID-19 and other winter viruses such as flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The tests do not require a trained health professional to operate them, meaning they can be rolled out in more non-clinical settings.
This will help to further strengthen the coronavirus response this winter, making it possible to distinguish between COVID-19 cases, which have specific self-isolation requirements, and other winter viruses.