Setting the record straight

You may have seen that Mansfield's Labour Leader has been criticising me in the press this week, making a private argument now unfortunately in to a public squabble where I have little choice but to defend myself. It's really frustrating as I've been working so constructively with Officers at MDC and I had no intention of making this "a thing", but now press releases have gone out from the Mayor I don't have much choice...

So I wanted to set the record straight. The short version is that currently the Council are telling Government one thing, whilst the Mayor is saying something else that is contradictory. He's doing it as the "Labour leader" rather than as the Mayor because even his own Council don't endorse what he's saying. 

As you can imagine, that makes it incredibly difficult for me to present a coherent plan and a vision for Mansfield to the Government. Who are we listening to? The Mayor, or the Officers? Sending party political letters that contradict your own team can only make it harder for us to make a case to Government!! I've pointed this out to the Mayor, and as a result he's apparently reported me to Parliamentary Standards..*sigh* 

It's so frustrating because I have (and will continue) to work very hard to support the Officers at the council with information and advice, and to secure funding. We've worked really positively together. It's just sad that the politicians involved seemingly won't leave the party politics to one side and get on board!!

Here's the full story.