Social distancing measures

Today, the Government announced that is going further to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. In order to further reduce social contact, from the close of trading today, the Government is telling the following businesses across the UK close: 

  • Food and drink venues for consumption on-site, such as restaurants and cafes

  • Drinking establishments, including pubs, bars and nightclubs 

  • Entertainment venues, including cinemas, theatres, concert halls, and bingo halls

  • Museums and galleries

  • Spas, wellness centres and massage parlours

  • Casinos and betting shops

  • All indoor leisure and sports facilities, including gyms 

Takeaway and delivery facilities should remain open and operational. We will change planning regulations so that restaurants, cafes and pubs which do not currently offer delivery and hot food take away are able to do so. 

These measures will be in place for a period of 14 days, and then reviewed on a monthly basis to consider their effectiveness and compliance in light of changing circumstances.