Stepping down as PPS

Really weird day. I have planned for quite some time to quietly step back from my role as PPS in BEIS (basically the Business Secretary's assistant). I'm doing this for two reasons:

1) because throughout lockdown I've been working from home and have loved seeing so much of my boys, who are 3 and 6, and I'd like to continue to prioritise my family ahead of my career

2) because I want to spend more time in Mansfield instead of Westminster, and we've proven that we can have a lot of our meetings remotely, which means I can do more locally and also be free to speak my mind on important local issues as a backbencher.

However the media seem intent on trying to find some ulterior motive, and seem to be trying to create some problem or tension with Government that just doesn't exist. Nobody seems to believe that I'd actually just like to see more of my kids!!

So I thought I'd set the record straight, here.