Supporting school leavers

It's going to be a challenging time for 2020 school leavers to find a job without our help.

For the generation leaving school this year, it’s not exactly a great time to be fresh out of education and looking for work, so we must also boost the support available there too, otherwise we will have thousands of young people becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Almost every sector I’ve spoken to about the Apprenticeship Levy emphasises the need for more flexibility and freedom to be able to make use of the funds. There is currently a restriction on the number of apprentices small and medium-sized businesses can take on. This should be removed and we should expand and enhance the further education offer through the scheme.

Not only will that help to offer more opportunities for young people to secure work, it will also help create more jobs if businesses are able to employ more apprentices to help grow their firm faster. Taking on an apprentice is cheaper for the employer and it will allow them to offer training and paid work to those leaving education at this difficult time.