Swing Low Sweet Chariot

I swear to god I will make it my mission to get this going at every bloody game! 

They've already stopped the use of "carry them home" on their media output. 

The origins of #SwingLowSweetChariot are what they are. It was written by a slave in the USA and became an anthem for freedom and civil rights... But in the here and now it is a patriotic anthem in support of my country! 

If it's 'cultural appropriation' and therefore racist to sing songs from other cultures, you can safely say goodbye to half of what's on the radio! No more singing 'Havana Ooh NaNa" on the dance floor unless you're genuinely Cuban!

England Rugby please don't bow to the mob! Literally nobody has ever been hurt because England fans singing this song. Not be funny, a ban is also totally unenforceable!

Uncle Ben's rice is rebranding now, the telly tells me that Aladdin is now something I might find offensive, and universities are pulling down statues of their own benefactors... 

I can't be the only one thinking that these institutions really need to grow a backbone and stand up for common sense! 

England Rugby - please be one of the good guys! Don't let the woke mob win. They do not speak for the majority!