The Trade Bill and the NHS

For those saying 'why did you vote against protecting the NHS?' - short answer... I didn't.

Labour know they can't win votes in the Commons when the Government have a majority of 80, so instead they are going to spend the next four years trying to spin a load of nonsense at you and use votes like this to play party political games.

After the hammering they got in December's elections it's all they've got left. They'll devote their lives to setting up all sorts of fake opportunities to paint the Government as 'nasty Tories', but their version of events on these votes simply isn't correct.

We've been clear from day one that the NHS is not on the table in Trade negotiations, but this Bill ISN'T EVEN ABOUT NEW TRADE DEALS! It's about continuing the existing deals we already have via the EU, so our USA negotiations aren't even relevant to this bit of legislation!!


Still lots of queries about the Trade Bill, so whilst I've already said that these amendments about the NHS were just party political games, let me prove this to you using some text from the Bill itself.

Some are suggesting that I have some how voted against protecting our NHS from being 'sold to Trump', but here is why this Trade Bill has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Trump, or our US Trade negotiations, or in fact any Trade AgreementsĀ that we don't ALREADY SIGN UP TO!

It says:

''Regulations under subsection (1) may make provision for the purpose of implementing a free trade agreement only if the other signatory (or each other signatory) and the European Union were signatories to a free trade agreement immediately before exit day.''

This means that this Bill is only to roll over pre-existing trade agreements that we already have via the EU. This is 100% proof that Labour's claims that these amendments were about protecting the NHS from Trump are literally just lies. The US Agreement is nothing to do with this Bill.

Hope that clears things up!