Two Metre Social Distancing Rule

I think this is important to reduce the two metre social distancing rules -  I hope this change is announced tomorrow! With cases continuing to fall (and here in North Notts in particular we have been one of the least affected areas in the UK) it's important that we give businesses a chance of being viable. 

The difference between two metres and on metre to a restauranteur trying to reopen is the difference between sinking or swimming. It's the difference between having 20% of your usual number of tables available or 80%... Many will struggle without it.

1m is also roughly our natural distancing anyway. If you stopped for a chat in the street you'd probably be about 1m away, so it will be give us all a sense of normality as well as being hugely helpful to restarting our economy and securing jobs, if we see it formally drop to 1m. 

We need to be mindful of the health advice and keep it constantly under reviews but we also need to take the opportunity to get open for business!!