Violence against our Officers

As I said previously, I've been really shocked by footage from the protests this weekend. On Saturday night, protestors injured 10 Police Officers as they attempted to clear Whitehall and remove people who were throwing flares outside No.10.

I've written today for Westmonster that my constituents expect law and order to be enforced. I'm glad to also hear that the Prime Minister agrees. He said the following:

"So no, I will not support those who flout the rules on social distancing, for the obvious reason that we risk a new infection at a critical time and just as we have made huge progress.

And no, I will not support or indulge those who break the law, or attack the police, or desecrate public monuments.

We have a democracy in this country. If you want to change the urban landscape, you can stand for election, or vote for someone who will.

And so I must say clearly that those who attack public property or the police –who injure the police officers who are trying to keep us all safe – those people will face the full force of the law; not just because of the hurt and damage they are causing, but because of the damage they are doing to the cause they claim to represent."

I also discussed the riots on BBC Nottingham, which you can listen to here.