We need a single unified Council

I've written a column about how one council for the whole county is the best option for the future. 

In many ways we've seen the best of local Councils in recent months as staff have stepped up to help support people through coronavirus, but there have been problems too and even before this crisis there were a number of issues.

Nobody would design a system where planning for housing is dealt with by one organisation, but planning for the infrastructure that comes with it is done by a different one. Where one Council builds social and supported housing but a different one has to deliver the care in to those same homes. 

Where nobody is quite sure which organisation is responsible for which service... It puts unnecessary barriers between services and makes the job harder. We can do better.

Coronavirus has put a huge dent in the finances too, so we're also now faced with choices about how we fund things. Do we raise taxes and cut back on whats on offer in order to plug the gap, or do we change these structures to make things more efficient and save £27-30m a year? Seems obvious to me.

If done properly, a single unified Council can provide better services at lower cost. I think its a no-brainer.